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Governor Schwarzenegger and lawmakers have just four days left to make a deal on workers' compensation reform. California has the highest workers- compensation costs in the nation-while providing injured workers some of the lowest benefits. If lawyers, doctors, unions--and businesses big and small-can-t all be satisfied by Friday, another complex, sensitive issue may be left up to the voters. In Burbank today, as the Governor gathers signatures to meet Friday's deadline to qualify his Workers Compensation reform for November-s ballot, in Sacramento, a State Senate Committee was holding a hearing in hopes of resolving the issue before it goes to the voters. We hear how it all looks to a business reporter, a local businessman and a workers- comp attorney.
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    From the 1930's to the 50's, Hedy Lamarr was an MGM box-office attraction, but before that, she was the trophy wife of a German munitions maker and met Adolph Hitler. Now, she's the subject of a screenplay, which just won an Alfred P. Sloan Foundation grant for science and technology. Gretchen Somerfeld, co-author of Face Value, has more about the Hollywood starlet whose invention is basic to today's cellphone and satellite technology.

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