Workplace Harassment

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Jonathan Rauch: Journalist and author currently working in London at The Economist, where he is co-editing the magazine's special Christmas issue. He's the author of the cover story of the current New Republic (6/23) titled How Workplace Harassment Rules Have Outlawed Prejudice, Destroyed Free Speech and Trashed the Constitution; he is also the author of a book called Kindly Inquisitors: The New Attacks on Free Thought (University of Chicago Press). Deborah Epstein: Professor of law at Georgetown University; assistant director of the law school's Sex Discrimination clinic; author of an article in the Georgetown Law Journal called Can A Dumb-Ass Woman Achieve Equality in the Workplace?: Running the Gauntlet of Hostile Environment Harassing Speech. Eugene Volokh: Professor of law at UCLA Law School; author of several academic articles on the topic of workplace harassment rules and the First Amendment, including one in the UCLA Law Review titled Freedom of Speech and Workplace Harassment. (39 UCLA Law Review 1791). Carla Barboza: Plaintiff's employment discrimination and harassment lawyer. She's a former associate of Gloria Alred, and a former lawyer with the Equal Employment Opportunities Commission. She's best known for a case called Gutierez v. Cal Spas, in which she won million for a male employee who was pressured to have sex by a female supervisor. Paul Grossman: Partner in the law firm of Paul, Hastings, where he heads a management employment law practice of 125 lawyers, the largest in the South West. He is the author of Employment Discrimination Law, the official treatise on the subject published by the American Bar Association. Pamela Thomason: Regional attorney, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Mike Stremfel: Deputy managing editor, The Los Angeles Business Journal. Daniel Schorr: National Public Radio's senior news analyst; he won three Emmies as CBS's chief Watergate correspondent and was placed on President Nixon's "enemies list" as a result of his work; Schorr is host of a five-part series about Watergate that will be heard on KCRW in place of Which Way, L.A.? beginning Monday July 7th.

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