Yesterday's 'Jungle Primary' Didn't Have Much of a Roar

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Roughly 20% of registered voters turned out yesterday to show that California is still a deeply Blue State, but they lit potential fires for some Republicans in the November runoffs. Will the so-called top-two system change the partisan make-up of the Assembly, the State Senate or California's delegation to Congress? In Los Angeles County, the turnout was a paltry 13%, leaving two bruising runoffs:  to replace Zev Yaroslavsky on the Board of Supervisors and Lee Baca as County Sheriff. We hear the results from those and other primary campaigns.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, establishment Republicans battled with Tea Party challengers in Mississippi and Iowa primaries yesterday. Will the outcomes help the Party to take over the Senate in November — or unify it for the presidential race in 2016?  We look at decidedly mixed results.


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