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Mayor of Long Beach, California

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Commission Recommendations on LA City Finances

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According to hundreds of text messages leaked to the Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros.

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Human civilization is threatened by climate change. But it also needs the energy from fossil fuels that now emit greenhouse gases.

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Federal prosecutors announced charges today in what they call the “largest college admissions scam” they’ve ever prosecuted. More than a dozen people charged are from L.A.

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Ken, what’s a “lolsuit”?

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When a school shooting happens, the tragedy usually gets lots of attention from national news and politicians.

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Honestly, you know the answer already.

It’s no surprise that many of us make little effort to engage with our public institutions.

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The Sacramento police officers who shot and killed Stephon Clark won’t face criminal charges. Now California’s attorney general has to decide whether to indict them.

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Students have filed a class-action lawsuit against the universities named in the college bribery scandal, which includes Stanford, USC and UCLA.

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