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Governor Brown has called for a  25% reduction in water use  in California's urban areas.

More Cuts in Southern California's Water Supply

Governor Brown has called for a 25% reduction in water use in California's urban areas.

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Repairing the Whittier Narrows Dam was reclassified in 2016 from “high urgency” to “very high urgency” by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

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Panelists discuss recent mass shootings in California, Florida’s ban of a high school Advanced Placement course on African American studies, and relating to people with different…

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Scammers are posing as recruiters and hiring managers, holding interviews, and making offers. Prospective tech workers are the main victims now, but everyone is vulnerable.

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Street medicine providers aim to meet — and treat — unhoused people where they are. And new state regulations are making it a lot easier for them to do that.

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Israel’s sharp turn to the extreme right has startled American Jews.

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Physician and anthropology scholar Dr. Warren Hern delves into some of the most upsetting aspects of human behavior as a fatal threat to all life on earth in the near future.

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Several storms are rolling across California, bringing intense wind and flooding. They’ll replenish but not totally fill reservoirs due to long-standing drought.

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By a quirk of redistricting, no one who lives in Monterey represents the county in Sacramento. Commentator Joe Mathews says that’s evidence our districts are way too big.

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2nd Chance Soul Food Fish Fry, a casual restaurant in Ladera Heights, offers job opportunities to formerly incarcerated men and women who live in transitional housing.

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