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Got Your 6


Managing Director of Got Your 6, a veterans’ advocacy group; Army veteran who served for more than seven years as an officer and a Blackhawk pilot

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Veterans groups and at least one Republican have called the situation “a national disgrace.”

From War to Work: Vets, Jobs and the Stigma of the Wounded Warrior

Veterans groups and at least one Republican have called the situation “a national disgrace.”

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After several guilty pleas, prosecutors won a conviction in the first trial connected to a wide-ranging corruption scandal that has exposed the dark side of LA politics.

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California politicians have adopted some of the most stringent gun controls in the nation, but the state is still flooded with firearms.

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The authors of “Let’s Agree to Disagree” offer a guide to fostering critical thinking and dialogue in a society that seems to have forgotten how to engage in either.

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The all-Black Re-Collective Orchestra will make history on June 19 when it performs at the Hollywood Bowl’s “ Juneteenth: A Global Celebration of Freedom ” event.

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Panelists debate the likelihood of passing gun legislation, how kids might be the ones to implement change on this front, and whether Biden could have prevented inflation.

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Indica, sativa and hybrid may not be the best way to label weed. The most common system to categorize marijuana is misleading consumers, according to a new stud

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The House select committee investigating the January 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol is holding the first in a series of what's expected to be 6 public hearings.

Karen Bass and Rick Caruso both are running mayoral campaigns on misperceptions and ignorance about how LA works, according to columnist Joe Matthews.

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The former presidential candidate speaks to “Scheer Intelligence” host Robert Scheer about the shreds of democracy left in America.

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