Chris Pirie

is client relations director for the design firm Teague, which has designed the interior of nearly every Boeing plane ever produced

As Business Development Director at Seattle-based design consultancy Teague, Chris Pirie works closely with Managing and Creative Directors to identify new opportunities, scope design programmes and lead deal negotiations; he also manages the business development process as well as the tools required for consistency, efficiency and enhanced communication with Teague’s broad range of clients. Previously, Chris Pirie supported Teague’s Aviation Studio as a skilled and experienced Program Manager. In that role he was responsible for managing relationships with The Boeing Company’s Commercial Aircraft programme teams, leading a cross discipline team consisting of research and strategy, industrial and mechanical design and mock up build/prototyping. Prior to joining Teague, he worked as a consultant to local and multi-national companies on the design, integration and installation of complex aircraft systems from inception through flight test. He graduated from the Ryerson University School of Aerospace with a Bachelor of Engineering and earned an Executive MBA from Foster School of Business at the University of Washington.

Chris Pirie on KCRW

Airlines are constantly trying to jam more seats onto their airplanes.

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Airlines are constantly trying to jam more seats onto their airplanes.

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