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Medical Cannabis Counsel, Kumin-Sommers


San Francisco attorney who specializes in marijuana laws

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Measure M  on next week's Los Angeles City ballot would impose a hefty business tax on medical marijuana.

Measure M: LA's Effort to Cash In on Medical Marijuana

Measure M on next week's Los Angeles City ballot would impose a hefty business tax on medical marijuana.

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Workers at Margot and Juliet, two upscale Culver City restaurants owned by Rohan Talwar of IB Hospitality, say their paychecks have been bouncing all year.

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America is experiencing the worst spate of domestic violence since the 1960s and 1970s. July 13's assassination attempt against former President Trump should be a wakeup call.

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Neighborhood concerns over new housing, including evictions, are spurring the latest changes to Mayor Bass’ signature affordable housing policy, Executive Directive 1.

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Maurice Sendak, author of “Where the Wild Things Are” and “Alligators All Around,” is the focus of the Skirball Center’s new exhibit, which includes original art and first editions of…

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Nonprofit Heal the Bay is out with its annual report card on water quality at CA beaches. It found that rainy winters may be making the ocean more toxic.

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Alianza Translatinx , a group led by trans people of color, released a study showing a lack of housing resources for trans people in Orange County.

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The California Energy Commission unanimously adopted a strategic plan to build the state’s offshore wind industry. Much of that will happen at the Port of Long Beach.

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California could lead the nation with a bill that would open up on-campus jobs at public universities and colleges to the state’s 60,000 undocumented students.

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The Republican National Convention convenes for a second night in Milwaukee, Wisc., to promote the campaign of former President Donald Trump and his new running mate, Ohio Sen. J.D.

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