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Staff attorney for the Pacific Justice Institute, a conservative legal organization

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Transgender students in public schools are about to get the  protection of state law .

New Legal Protections for Transgender Students

Transgender students in public schools are about to get the protection of state law .

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In a 90-minute interview, John Cox discussed COVID-19 “hysteria,” homelessness and other key California issues as he seeks traction in the Newsom recall election.

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Some GOP recall candidates say they would use emergency power to pass their agenda, and try to persuade the Democratic Legislature.

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After initial returns showed the recall failing by a nearly 70% to 30% margin, the Associated Press and TV networks called the race for Newsom.

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As the pandemic continues to prevent crowds from going to the movies, Paramount decided to push the release dates of three upcoming films.

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In a 70-minute interview, the state assemblymember explains why he won’t criticize Republicans, blames Gov.

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Ken and Josh discuss disappearing lawyers, incompetent tricksters and and what happens when a judge tells a lawyer to go back to school.

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The leading Republican candidate in the California recall election is trying to build a multi-ethnic coalition of voters — and overcome criticism for his views on race.

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California’s recall makes sense, but the electoral system as a whole needs reform, according to columnist Joe Matthews.

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September 14 is the last day for Californians to vote in the gubernatorial recall election, and the latest polls show Governor Gavin Newsom is likely to keep his job.

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