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Ruben Fleischer: Gangster Squad

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"I look at the tortilla and work with its natural texture. It becomes a collaboration where the tortilla may suggest things."

from Good Food

First, the AMPTP released its latest offer to the WGA in a press release this week. Will the studio’s move work or backfire?

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Grammy-winning emcee/activist Killer Mike on church, disco, amends, and his new LP “MICHAEL.”

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This week’s film releases include “Gran Turismo,” “Retribution,” “Golda,” and “Bottoms.”

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Randall Park on directorial debut “Shortcomings,” Dr, Stacy L. Smith on Hollywood inclusivity, and Timothy Olyphant on conceptual art for The Treat.

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Close friend of Michael Silverblatt’s and Bookworm editor for 30 years, Alan Howard guest hosts this episode on grief and loss.

from Bookworm

The latest film releases are “Scrapper,” “El Conde,” “The Nun II,” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3.”

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John Waters talks about his exhibit at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures and his boundary-pushing films.

from Greater LA

First, the Walt Disney Co. has pulled all programming from Charter Spectrum in early September. What ripples does this create for Disney, other networks, and the cable industry?

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