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(L-R) Warren Olney, Gary Phillips, Anna Deavere Smith and John Singleton

From Gangsta Rap to Bwy Theater: Cultural Touchstones of the LA Riots

(L-R) Warren Olney, Gary Phillips, Anna Deavere Smith and John Singleton

from Which Way, L.A.?

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As votes are still being counted for the midterm elections, panelists discuss why neither Republicans nor Democrats are celebrating, why the right underperformed, and how this election…

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An American journalist says he was detained by security at a FIFA World Cup match in Qatar. He was wearing a shirt with a soccer ball surrounded by a rainbow.

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Gaming interests are prepared to spend whatever it takes to expand their reach in California, as they’ve shown with Propositions 26 and 27.

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The Hollywood Forever cemetery held its annual Dia de los Muertos celebration on Saturday. The event features altars that must be built in 24 hours.

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About 10% of the water shuttled through the LA Aqueduct gets lost to evaporation. To stop it, LA DWP wants to cover some of those miles of water with solar panels.

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It could take weeks to get official results of the midterms. KCRW looks at where candidates stand in key California House races, and the battles for LA’s next mayor and sheriff.

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Supporting the hometown team in Major League Soccer is a no-brainer, but deciding which country to root for on the international stage can be trickier.

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Joe Mathews will eat a slice of chocolate pie this Thanksgiving in honor of his great-aunt Fern, who changed his family through her career as a teacher.

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Historian Joel Beinin uses his personal experiences to paint a picture of Israel, past and present, as a country and an idea.

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