Update: Subway to tunnel under Beverly Hills High

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Update: LA metro has approved plans to dig a tunnel under Beverly Hills High School to accommodate an extension of the Purple Line subway Westward to Century City and Westwood. Beverly Hills High parents and officials had opposed the plan, saying it posed a danger for students. (You can see dueling videos on the extension below).

Transportation authorities want to extend L.A.’s growing subway system beneath Beverly Hills, which under the current plan means tunneling directly below Beverly Hills High. But that subway plan has raised the ire of Beverly Hills residents and set the stage for dueling videos. One predicts a fiery catastrophe in the upscale community if the subway is built. The other portrays portrays Beverly Hillerians (is that a word?) as a bunch of well-heeled know-nothings for their opposition to subway plans. Check them out and tell us which is the most effective message.