The Gift of Art, Really

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Okay, so you don't have an extra hundred million to bid at Christie's or even an extra ten grand for work by a promising artist having a show on La Brea. You can still give the gift of art.

Colin Roberts, “Pocket Therapist,” (2013)
Edition: 2/12, 4" diameter
Silicone rubber
Photo courtesy of Young Projects Gallery and the artist

Start with Young Projects in the Pacific Design Center. Paul Young specializes in showing video art but right now has a Christmas clearance of prints, DVD's, t-shirts as well as some unique pieces. I was tempted by Colin Roberts' surreal drawings and sculptures for less than $100. If you loved Marnie Weber's MOCA installation, Giggle of Clowns, as I did, you can buy one of her rare music CD's including her appearances with downtown LA's art/punk band the Party Boys.

Also at the PDC, the See Line Gallery is having a moving sale offering many of their smaller works of work at reduced prices including architectural drawings by Eamon O'Kane.

Bella Foster, “Italian Dinner (With Sesame),” 2012
6-color serigraph, 20 x 15 inches
Edition of 100


By now, I figure everyone hip enough to listen to KCRW knows about Ooga Booga. They expanded beyond their Chinatown location at 943 North Broadway to a protracted pop-up courtesy of Laura Owens, Ooga Booga#2 at 356 South Mission Road. downtown. They offer small works by contemporary artists at low prices as well as artist conceived jewelry, CD's, DVD's and fashion. Olivier Lebrun's Another Companion to Books from the Simpsons, a collection of screenshots showing the Lisa, Bart and Homer with, of all things, books! Or the Ultimate bag by Mary Ping, of Slow and Steady Wins the Race, a limited edition unbleached cotton tote that combines the easily identifiable features of handbags by Chanel, Gucci and Balenciaga -- quilted surface, green and red stripes, three different status handles. Or a print made by Chris Johanson for Sic Alps that comes with their vinyl LP. I love the specially commissioned prints by artists such as Bella Foster, whose Italian Dinner (with Accessories) is $150. It is all at but more fun to visit the actual stores. This Saturday is Kids Day at Ooga Booga #2. RSVP at

David Shrigley, “Cocaine” and “Heroin” salt and pepper shakers
French Limoges porcelain
3 1/8" x 2 1/8" each

Gracie, the gift shop at the Santa Monica Museum of Art, never fails to provide a great selection of art-based gift opportunities. Right now, they have flannel pajamas by Benjamin Weissman and Yutaka Sone, who also have a show at the museum featuring paintings about skiing and a ski-lift sculpture. Or David Shrigley's Limoges porcelain salt and pepper shakers labeled cocaine and heroin. Or the David Sedaris-designed snow globe by Nora Ligorano and Marshall Reese with a four-letter word unmentionable on radio. Visit the shop in the museum at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.

Of course, you could always give yourself or others the gift of art with a museum membership. MOCA, for instance. And those are tax deductible!

Banner image: Bedhead Pajamas' artist pajamas with original designs by Joyce Pensato, Raymond Pettibon and Yutaka Sone/Benjamin Weissman; 100% Egyptian Cotton. Available at the Santa Monica Museum of Art