Breyten Breytenbach on His Literature, Anti-Apartheid Activism

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bw101125voice_over.jpgVoice Over: A Nomadic Conversation with Mahmoud Darwish (Archipelago) bw101125intimate_stranger.jpgIntimate Stranger (Archipelago)
bw101125notes.jpgNotes from the Middle World (Haymarket Books)

As a writer, South African-born Breyten Breytenbach is an activist. As an activist he functions as something like a conscience. As a participant in the global response to apartheid, he was imprisoned for seven years, and his writing comes from the anguished nightmares of his imprisonment. His is the art of passionate dissent; his prose and poetry are in service of a more "human" human race.

You can read excerpts from Voice Over, Intimate Stranger and Notes from the Middle World.

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