What do you want to know about the Super Bowl and the LA Rams?

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The Los Angeles Rams are headed to Super Bowl LII to take on the New England Patriots. It’s an incredible feat for a team that just came back to Los Angeles after a long stint in St. Louis, is led by the youngest coach in the NFL and is working to create hometown loyalty here in LA. But the Ram’s advance to the big event Sunday is certainly marred by one of the most controversial and widely condemned officiating calls in NFL history.  

Thousands gathered at a rally for the Rams this weekend, which was held in front of what will be the new Rams and Chargers stadium in Inglewood. The stadium will be the most expensive ever built in the country.  

But fans were focused on the possibility of winning the big game. “It’s awesome. It’s great,” said Ronald Elasalda, who has been a Rams fan since the ‘70s when the team was still in Los Angeles.” Everyone’s happy to see them come back. We’re going to win the Super Bowl”

What are your questions about the Rams or the fans? The stadium or the Super Bowl?