Disneyland Turns 60, What Happened to World’s Fairs?

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This past Friday, Disneyland kicked off its 60th birthday party with a 24-hour celebration that maxed out the amusement park’s capacity. After all of these years, and ever-growing admissions prices, how does the park continue to inspire? Performer, humorist, and “histo-tainer” Charles Phoenix explains why Disneyland is a Southern California treasure.

Longtime Disney reporter Jim Hill attended the 60th anniversary celebration, and talks about why the park fascinates him even as it becomes “formulaic.”

Meanwhile, a world’s fair, or Expo, centered on the theme “Feeding the Planet,” has opened in Milan. But it is getting little attention in the US. New York architect James Biber designed the USA pavilion for the Expo and he discusses the high and low-lights at the show, while speculating on Americans’ loss of interest in world fairs.

Daniel Ostroff is a film producer and the editor of An Eames Anthology, a collection of writings and talks by Charles and Ray Eames. Drawing on lessons from his dad -- who knew Walt Disney and produced the ‘64 New York World Fair -- he explains what makes Disneyland thrive, and World Fairs diminish.