Thom Mayne's new Cheviot Hills house

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The Mayne house incorporates a design feature to honor the site's former resident,
Ray Bradbury. It's a decorative metal panel in front of the house
with cutout quotes from the author.

Science fiction writer Ray Bradbury lived in the same house in Cheviot Hills for 50 years. A couple years ago, one of LA's most prominent architects, Thom Mayne and wife Blythe Alison Mayne, bulldozed it to build a new home. The couple promised a “very, very modest” house that would honor Bradbury in its design. Now that home is almost complete. Did they deliver? DnA got a preview of a residence that is a valentine to the “private rituals” of family life, a web of architectural tricks and influences, and a model for a resource-efficient anti-McMansion.