Promenade 3.0; Kunlé Adeyemi

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The team behind Promenade 3.0, posing under a canopy of beach balls. From left: Nate Cormier, Alan Loomis, Kathleen Rawson, Steven Welliver. Photo by Frances Anderton/KCRW

After it opened in 1989, Santa Monica’s Third Street Promenade became one of the most popular shopping and entertainment destinations in the world. But the Internet has changed how we shop, watch movies and order food. So business leaders and designers have launched Promenade 3.0. Will lawn games, public seating and Instagram moments make it a must-visit place once again?

And, coastal cities around the world are facing rising sea levels. What can we learn from Lagos? Hear from Nigerian-born architect Kunlé Adeyemi, designer of an acclaimed floating school.