Riding the Expo Line

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The last time Los Angeles residents were able to take a train to the beach, it was the Red Car in 1953. But on May 20, Angelenos will be able to board an Expo Line train in downtown LA and take it to downtown Santa Monica, just blocks from the pier. The extension was delayed for decades over safety, environmental and funding concerns. But now Metro, the train's operator, is hailing this and other subway extensions as a "transit renaissance" for the region. Is LA moving toward a less car-dependent future?


LA County Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas, train operator William Smith, and LA Mayor Eric Garcetti
Photo: Rob LaFond


Eric Garcetti - Mayor of Los Angeles - @MayorOfLA, Mike Bonin - Los Angeles City Council, 11th district - @mikebonin, Rick Thorpe - Exposition Metro Line Construction Authority (former) - @expoline, David Ulin - former book critic of the Los Angeles Times; author of “The Lost Art of Reading: Books and Resistance in a Troubled Time” - @davidulin, Christopher Hawthorne - Chief Design Officer, Mayor's Office, City of Los Angeles; former architecture critic at the Los Angeles Times - @hawthorneLAT, Alissa Walker - urbanism editor, Curbed - @awalkerinLA

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