“Ugly” Americans at the Russian Olympics?

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BMW Bobsled

On this week’s DnA, we spoke with Jerry Anderson, senior principal of Populous, the American design firm behind the Olympic Park and Fisht Stadium in Sochi.

Following the broadcast of the show, two colleagues held forth about other aspects of American design in Sochi. Unfictional‘s Bob Carlson felt the US bobsled, an aerodynamic carbon fiber and steel capsule designed by BMW DesignWorks, didn’t come across well on TV as it zipped down the run at around 90 miles hour.

And Tom Schnabel, host of Rhythm Planet, was unimpressed by the fashion (created by Ralph Lauren; modeled below by Gold medal-winning ice dancers Meryl Davis and Charlie White). “Too bad the U.S. Team got such ugly uniforms,” he wrote, “compared to the French we looked like hicks.”

Do you agree? As the games draw to a close, give us your thoughts on bobsleds, fashion and other stuff on display in Sochi.