Don't @ Me with Justin Simien

Don't @ Me with Justin Simien

Join me, Justin Simien, each week for unfiltered conversations with the stars, artists and creators shaping our culture. If you’ve seen my show and film, Dear White People, you know we’re going to get into how race, gender, and sexuality impacts our lives and shapes our work. Beyond the knee-jerk reactions and Twitter hot takes, my guests and I get real and raw. Don't like what you hear? Don't @ Me.

In the season finale of Don’t @ Me, Boots Riley shares his history, muses, and the long road to one of 2018’s finest films, Sorry to Bother You.

Justin talks about what it’s like to be a filmmaker outside of the traditional studio system with producers Alana Mayo from Michael B.

Grab a snack for this chat with David Gelb, creator of Chef’s Table and director of Jiro Dreams of Sushi.

You might recognize Dear White People’s Ashley Blaine Featherson (Joelle) and Courtney Sauls (Brooke).

Justin is joined by Green Book director and writer, Peter Farrelly, and Kris Bowers, the film’s composer.

Justin sits down with Issa Rae, the original Awkward Black Girl, to talk about what happens after your dreams come true, and what it's like to be expected to create work that covers…

This week, Justin talks destiny with some true destiny experts.

Writers Marvin Lemus and Travon Free solve the world's problems. Or, maybe they don't? Plus, Kanye West, black celebrity, and why Dia de los Muertos is not a Halloween costume.