4,000 People Fasting to Shine Spotlight on Hungry

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Did you know that Los Angeles is one of the hungriest cities in the country?  It’s true.  That means that many many children are going hungry too.  It’s an interesting week for folks who usually spend their days obsessing about food.  It’s taste, presentation and political implications.  This week politics win.

In response to Congressional focus on slash and burn cuts in safety net programs thousand of people are fasting all over the world.  These cuts will make nary a dent in our financial problems but will surely cause untold thousands more of the most vulnerable of our citizens to go hungry.

Mark Bittman of the NY Times decided to join the fast after speaking with David Beckmann, a reverend who is President of Bread for the World and is this year’s World Food Prize laureate.  Read Bittman’s opinion column here.