Amanda Hesser’s Rasberry Swamp Pie from food52

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This recipe comes to us from Amanda Hesser, co-founder of food52 – a site that aspires to “recognize talented home cooks by giving them a place to show off their work” and provide “a place where cooks of all kinds come to be inspired and engaged.” Amanda Hesser is also the author of The Essential New York Times Cookbook: Classic Recipes for a New Country.

Photo by James Ransom

I named this “swamp” pie as a nod to British food writers who use such great language to describe food — and because it really is like a cream and pastry swamp. And I compared the process of poking a funnel through the baked crust and pouring in fresh cream to flooding a mine. Both of these things seemed to speak to our community, because it was one of the first posts I’ve written where a bunch of readers ran out and baked the pie the very next day.

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