Ask Evan: Do You Still Use Kosher Salt?

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askevan_header_2Every Tuesday I answer a question from a Good Food listener.  You can email me a question, leave one on Facebook or add one in the comments section here.  This week’s question comes from Glenn:

Since Mark Bitterman recently trashed kosher salt on your show, I was wondering if you have switched to a different type of salt in the kitchen of your own restaurant. If so, what are you using and have your cooks had a hard time adjusting to it?

Kosher Salt

You pegged it.  I’ve been reluctant to switch over from kosher salt to sea salt because I’m aftraid of the transition period.  Consistancy is really important in restaurants, especially those making the same menu items for 26 years.  I know personally that everytime I change salts at home I tend to undersalt then oversalt before I get it just right.  We can’t afford to have 10 cooks making that same mistake simultaneously.  Just thinking about it scares me.  However, I have made the switch at home.  I tend to buy a new salt everytime I run out so I can try different types.  My current favorite is Sal Playa Viva for cooking.  I love Maldon salt and Pyramid Salt for finishing.  They’re very crunchy.