Ask Evan: What Should I Do With Pickled Eggs?

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Every week I answer a question from a Good Food listener. You can email me a question to, leave one on Facebook or add one in the comments section here. This week’s came from Gillian:

A friend just gave me a jar of pickled eggs. What should I do with them?

Ahh, pickled eggs.  Memory reels at the image of huge jars filled with eggs floating in funky brine.  Like a horror movie come to life.  Of course, now we make pickles much more beautifully, and eggs are the perfect plain palate for that assertive blast of vinegar and spice.  If you want to make your own here’s link to Simply Recipes ( four experiments pickling eggs with Beets, Curry, Tarragon and Jalapeno.

OK.  Now you have them.  What do you do with them?  Well in the old days they were (are?) a mainstay bar snack, excellent to chase a shot of vodka or gin, or eat alongside a chilled beer.  They also show up as edible garnish on various hors d’ouevres plates.  But I think they’re pretty great anywhere a hard boiled egg is called for.  So use them in preparing your favorite deviled egg or egg salads.  They also make a terrific accent grated onto asparagus or tossed salads.

Now I’m curious…how do you use pickled eggs?