Ask Evan: Where Can I Buy Leaf Lard Locally?

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askevan_header_2Every Tuesday I answer a question from a Good Food listener. You can email me a question, leave one on Facebook or add one in the comments section here. This week’s question comes from Andree:

Where can I find good leaf lard locally?

photo-300x225I’m a big fan of leaf lard.  It makes an amazing pie crust.  Here’s a recipe for a peach pie I made with leaf lard in our first Pie-a-Day project.  The two places I know you can get leaf lard are at Surfas in Culver City or at Cube Cafe and Marketplace on La Brea. Call Surfas in advance because they sell out quickly, especially during pie centered holiday times. Cube sells the beloved Wooly Pig lard for $16 for a 4 lb. tub. Split it with a friend or find room for it in the refrigerator.  Good Food producer Harriet Ells was shopping at Lindy & Grundy the other day and asked about leaf lard.  Erika, one of the owners, said that they just need some notice.  You might also call McCall’s Meat and Fish Company.

Leaf lard is the fat of the hog which lines the abdomen and kidneys.  It’s considered the highest grade of lard available.  Read more about it here.