Eating Food Policy – What I do in my Spare Time

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I have a reputation for being a peripatetic culinarian.  What this means is that I never have time to properly finish anything before I’m onto the next activity or event.  One constant in my life though is my involvement with statewide food policy organization Roots of Change.  I am fortunate enough to join people with much more intense bona fides than I have on the Stewardship Council.  I’ve been asked to write about what we do but it’s so complex that even if I try to engage friends in a short conversation about it I see their eyes start to roll back in their heads.

Food Policy may not be sexy, but without a good one having those sexy dinners with sensual artisan ingredients will become more difficult and expensive.  And much more elitist.  That real summer tomato or peach should be within everyone’s grasp, don’t you think?  And that is the root of much of what Food Policy is.  It’s about access, justice, health, keeping small farmers in the game, and deliciousness.  And in our city is can also be about employment.  More on that at a later date.

Please join me at a celebration of the work of the Los Angeles Food Policy Task Force.  It’s going to be quite a party and tickets are going fast.