Eric Schlosser – Why Being a Foodie Isn’t ‘Elitist’

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Food Dec Many of us live in the city but want to eat like we live on a farm. We’re called “elitist” by the corporate food world. I’ve often thought that’s very odd. To eat like our more rural grandparents (minus the grubbing for calories, or occasional hunger) seems like a very traditionalist urge. Yet if you like a salad with an Italian weed (arugula) in it instead of a big ball of iceberg (I love iceberg btw) that desire is now freighted with cultural challenge and polarity. On the other hand I’ve often wondered what it will take for more of us who are obsessed with a great love of food to make the leap to become political. To take an avid interest in food these days and not learn about the politics of the plate is a shame and a waste. Because the choir (those I often preach to) needs to get bigger. Maybe the  latest piece in the Washington Post from food activist/investigative journalist Eric Schlosser will get more “foodies” involved. We need you.