Felicia Campbell’s Omani lentil soup

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After a lifetime of reading cookbooks and making dishes from them, it is rare that an unknown cuisine takes me by surprise. But that’s exactly what happened when I opened “The Food of Oman” for the first time. I cook Persian and Indian cuisine fairly frequently so the food in Felicia Campbell’s new book is somewhat familiar yet wholly different from anything I’ve ever seen. Aromas leap off the pages. The evocative photographs really make you want to start shopping. I wanted to cook the book from start to finish.

This Omani lentil soup is a good place to begin. The recipe calls for about a dozen spices but the soup is otherwise simple to make. It is a tasty, satisfying meal eaten solo or with warm pita bread. If you’re hungry to learn more, Felicia writes beautifully about her initial time in Omani kitchens in the book. These experiences proved so seductive she moved there and is now the executive features editor for the Times Of Oman.