A Filipino Food Crawl: Auntie Dee’s Pan de Manila

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Auntie Dee’s Pan de Manila. Photo by Christopher Ho/KCRW

Evan Kleiman and her friends visit Auntie Dee’s Pan de Manila, a bakery in Glassell Park serving a wide variety of sweets and baked goods, including the yeasty rolls known as pan de sal.

See their mapped food crawl, including full descriptions and pictures.

A wide variety of sweets and baked goods from Auntie Dee’s Pan de Manila. Photo by Christopher Ho/KCRW

Karen Tongson - a professor at USC, panelist on the Pop Rocket podcast and the author of a new book called “Why Karen Carpenter Matters.”, Paola Mardo - an independent audio producer and the host and producer of Long Distance, a narrative podcast about life in the Filipino diaspora, Chase Valencia - the co-owner and general manager of LASA, a Filipino-inspired, California-influenced restaurant in LA's Chinatown, Natassia Johnson - the co-founder of The Manila Machine, the first Filipino food truck, and author of the dessert blog “Let Me Eat Cake”

Evan Kleiman

Nick Liao, Joseph Stone, Laryl Garcia