Finally, some great Tomatoes! Making Sauce at EAT REAL

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Mystery Tomato

Many of us here in SoCal struggle with growing tomatoes.  Inconsistent temperatures, nighttime humidity and poor gardening practices all conspire to give us blight and sometimes, just bad luck.  So I’m really delighted this year to already have some beauties to eat and can.  I contribute my success to my innovative “technique” of double stacking bottomless paper pots onto already large containers, giving the plants extra room for all those roots.

Of course I had to lose the name tag for these beauties on the left.  I bought the plant at Tomatomania.  It was an Eastern European variety with a long multi consonant name.

The tomatoes on the right are a variety I’ve never seen before – “Watermelon” .

Watermelon Tomatoes in Front

They also came from Tomatomania.  The plant is the most beautiful and vigorous with the biggest leaves I’ve ever seen.  They’re very meaty and make a beautiful sauce.

Speaking of sauce, I’ll be at EAT REAL this Saturday at 1pm showing all who come how I make sauce.  If you want to see a really messy chef, please come.