First 5 LA: Creating bright futures for kids

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Photo courtesy of First 5 LA.

Photo courtesy of First 5 LA.

This year for the first time children will be competing in their own category at KCRW’s 9th Annual Good Food Pie Contest. I think I can safely say that many of the children who will be bringing their pies to UCLA on May 6th have had the great gift of safe and loving homes guided by parents committed to introducing them to many types of learning, including cooking.  

This year one of our sponsors is First 5 LA . First 5 LA believes that those first five years of life create a foundation for a child’s future success. They advocate and collaborate with other organizations within a diverse set of communities to offer the various types of support and education that parents and caregivers need to raise children who are physically and emotionally ready to hit the ground running in kindergarten.

Making and sharing food are often seen as activities that create personal bonds and grow community. As an only child raised by a single mother, I know from experience that starting to help in the kitchen at a young age helps to create confidence, teaches that failure is a temporary state (you can try again!) and makes learning and collaboration fun! You practice dexterity, hand and eye coordination, counting, and vocabulary. Best of all, you get to eat.  

Photo courtesy of First 5 LA.

We’re thrilled to throw a spotlight on First 5 LA for the important work they do in ensuring the future success of our children. We look forward to sharing a day of fun and food with First 5 LA and are so grateful for their support.