Free Dinner with Your KCRW Subscription

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Starting next week, KCRW’s Membership Drive will take place over 9 days instead of 11. To insure that we reach our goal of $1.8 million this summer, we need your help.

I’m doing something really special for Good Food supporters.  I’ll be hosting an exclusive dinner just for members who support us now.  If you support KCRW with a donation of $75 or more you’ll be invited to a special dinner at Loteria Grill. We have Herradura tequila and a big feast planned.  Donate now at For those who donate under $75 dollars I’ll invite you to a special coffee and dessert party at Church & State.

You don’t need to wait until next Saturday to show your support.  Pledge online at and be sure to add “Good Food” in the comments section of the form.