Guidelines for the 6th Annual Good Food Pie Contest

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Every year we get asked repeatedly what constitutes a pie for KCRW’s Good Food Pie Contest.  So what are the rules? There’s only one when it comes down to it:

It’s a pie contest.

You are welcome to knock yourself out making a tart or a slab, but when it comes down to it the judges will ALWAYS pick the pie over the tart if both are of equal deliciousness and technical proficiency. You know what a pie is, right?  It’s in a pie pan, not free-standing. So there is a particular ratio of crust to filling which is what pies are all about.

But there is one exception: I believe that a galette is basically a pie. So far we haven’t had a winning galette.

So make whatever you want, but remember, it’s a pie contest.

Happy baking, and I can’t wait to taste your submissions.