Happy National Pie Day

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Why the fascination with Pie?  It’s delicious, but there’s more to than that.  Pie is about Mom and Grandma and home and love.  It’s about the smells of butter and sugar and the perfume of apples and berries cooking in the oven.  It’s about the spice of cinnamon and the lift of a squeezed orange, lemon or lime.  It’s about fluffy meringue and whipped cream and ice cream melting against the warmth of a crust fresh from the oven. That little touch of cinnamon in an apple pie is what moves the emotion from the mouth to the heart.

And it satiates a deep appetite of longing.  Longing for a home perhaps we never had or a kind of home we want to make.  It’s flowered aprons with rick-rack edging the pockets or a ball bearing rolling pin with handles sitting on a counter next to a canister of flour.  So I raise a cup of coffee to you, Pie, for all that meaning, comfort and pure pleasure found in your little round form.

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