Help Japan by Sharing your Culinary Ingenuity

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Gulfood 2011 – Japanese produce

This morning I received an email from Good Food listener, occasional guest and friend, Aya Masuda. She has come up with a unique way for us to help. Here is her (paraphrased) request.

“There are many people who don’t have any electricity/gas at all. On top of that I’m hearing about planned massive blackouts in the Tokyo area. What we need are easy and fun recipes with little cooking needed, made with limited food resources.”

Send your ideas in 140 characters to Aya’s special twitter account @genkiJPrecipe

From Aya: “If you wanna make people happy, you should make their stomach happy first. All we Japanese are serious foodies. We would love to have recipes from other cultures/countries. I thought that the sharing and making of recipes/tastes from all of you will give people strength to get through this tragedy. Some examples are:

  • Earthquake Burger (Spam just stuck between buns)
  • Canned Sardines + spaghetti. (I know spaghetti needs to be cooked but something minimum like this)
  • Or, some unique instant ramen cooking recipe may be good too since instant ramen is our pantry staple.

Aya will translate the recipes and tweet with hash tags until she can find an effective place to post. Facebook isn’t that common in Japan. People use Twitter as the major source of information including where to get the water and other lifeline info. She has a resource of volunteers who can help translate English to Japanese. Aya welcomes your thoughts on logistics, so post them here.