Ripening off the vine: melons are at the market

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Market correspondent Gillian Ferguson catches up with Alex Weiser of Weiser Family Farms, who has become as known for his melons as he has for his potatoes. A white-fleshed Brilliant melon from the Canary Islands gets sweeter when cut off the vine and doesn't need to be refrigerated. Chef Sarah Hymanson of Kismet and her culinary partner Sara Kramer use fruit in savory applications for acidity and balance. They make a bay scallop crudo using a base of melon juice and treat it like an aguachile. They also concoct an anise hyssop oil to use as a backbone to the dish before shaving melon on top. 

At Kismet, chefs Sarah Hymanson and Sara Kramer are experimenting with melons from Weiser Family Farms for a dish similar to aguachile. Photo by Sara Kramer



Evan Kleiman