How to make David Asher’s yogurt cheese

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You may think cheese is best made at plants processing millions of gallons of milk a day or in caves that are centuries old. David Asher begs to differ. In his new book The Art of Natural Cheesemaking,” Asher lays out basic instructions for how to make complex cheeses from good quality milk, rennet and salt. The book is right up my alley. I spent part of the day caring for bottles of homemade vinegar and have magical transformation on the brain.

Asher suggests beginning your cheesemaking journey with a soft yogurt cheese because it will be easier and less labor-intensive than a harder cheese. He told me to use a du-rag to strain the whey from the yogurt instead of the very fine large handkerchiefs I usually use. Let the magic begin…

David Asher - Salting Cheese 2000
Use a spoon to distribute the sea salt evenly throughout your cheese. (All photos by Kelly Brown) (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)