How to make Sherry Yard’s schmutz banana chocolate chip soufflé

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This “Schmutz Banana Chocolate Chip No-Fail Cotton Candy Soufflé” (Photo courtesy of Sherry Yard)

There’s nothing like eating a sweet or savory soufflé. The word comes from the French souffler, meaning to breathe or puff, and that’s exactly what this 18th-century airy rich dessert looks like when made correctly.

In honor of National Soufflé Day on Sunday, I reached out to Sherry Yard, award-winning pastry chef and owner of the future Helms Bakery in Los Angeles, for a recipe. Yard obliged with her hilariously-titled schmutz banana chocolate chip no-fail cotton candy soufflé recipe. Yard says she got the idea for the soufflé from salzburger nockerl, a traditional Austrian dessert that evokes three mountains surrounding Salzburg.

There’s no actual cotton candy here. But with bananas, chocolate chips and rum, what could go wrong? It’s just the decadent classy dessert to serve while gazing at luxurious clothing on Oscars night.