Kimchi it up with Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard

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Koreatown - Book CoverLos Angeles has the biggest Korean population outside Seoul, which means you don’t have to go far in this town to taste excellent Korean food. But the new cookbook “Koreatown” from chef Deuki Hong and food writer Matt Rodbard got me thinking it might be time to kimchi it up at home.

Kimchi isn’t limited to the spicy napa cabbage you get at restaurants before the main meal. It actually refers to a whole category of pickled foods. There are over 200 kinds of kimchi that might include everything from cucumbers and ramps to pineapples and pears. Some of them ferment for years.

In the book, along with stories and recipes from Koreatowns all over the US, Hong and Rodbard share five kimchi recipes that take only 20 minutes to prepare. The recipes come after two years of researching — ahem, eating — in Koreatowns from Texas to Minnesota and California to New York.