Kir Breton à la Dominique Crenn

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Atelier Crenn coverIn 2013, Dominique Crenn became the first female chef in America to receive two Michelin stars for her San Francisco restaurant Atelier Crenn. When Dominique and I spoke after the publication of her new cookbook “Atelier Crenn: Metamorphosis of Taste,” she told me her parents, along with writers, artists and composers, inspired many of the recipes.

Dominique recalled her mother used to often made Kir Breton for guests back home in Brittany. Dominique’s version calls for the cider to be frozen into spheres that are then encased in shells made from cocoa butter and white chocolate. The shells are dotted with crème de cassis and at the restaurant, Chef Krenn serves the flavor bombs on small pedestals so guests can enjoy them in one bite.