Like water for quiche: a low-water recipe

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Shorter showers and low-flow appliances are surefire ways to conserve water. But author Florencia Ramirez says thoughtful water use begins at the grocery store. Farms that practice resourceful irrigation and alternating grazing patterns, thereby growing crops and animals with low-water diets, are major players in preserving California’s water systems.

In her new book, “Eat Less Water,” Ramirez outlines some ways home cooks and chefs can get to know the water story behind their groceries. One method centers around shopping locally at farmers markets. But at the grocery store, buying organic is a great option. Organic produce and foods adhere to strict no-spray or low-spray legislation, effectively limiting the amount of water used during their growth.

Try out Florencia Ramirez’s recipe for her customizable quiche which spotlights “green eggs.”

Author Florencia Ramirez prepares her green egg quiche for loved ones. Photo by Brittany App. (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)