Market fresh: Charred snap peas in green garlic salsa verde

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Sugar snap peas are a sure sign of spring, according to private chef Ella Freyinger . She waits all year to start incorporating these high-fiber snacks into her dishes. But when working with something so sweet, she likes to offset their natural flavor in various ways. This week at the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market, Laura Avery spoke with Freyinger about working with fresh sugar snap peas.

For this recipe, Freyinger counters the saccharine-forward flavor of the peas on the grill. She says that “by charring the peas on just one side, you get a subtle nuance of smoky flavor.” But the dish isn’t quite complete without her mild salsa. “By adding the green garlic salsa verde,” she says, “you get a real punch from fresh herbs, a little acid to brighten everything up.”

This recipe is a staple in her household and might become an essential dish for your spring table.