Market, then make it: Sweet potato tacos

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This week, our recipe combines two great things: the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market and Wes Avila’s signature sweet potato taco recipe from his new cookbook “Guerrilla Tacos.”

This particular taco recipe was just being developed during Guerrilla Tacos’ early days—before the truck, back when Avila was cooking illegally on a hibachi in the Arts District. He says he is trying to get back to the level of creativity he had during that time with his new brick-and-mortar location, which will also be called Guerrilla Tacos.

Avila says this location will give him some much-needed freedom from the stresses of cooking out of a food truck. He says, “People watch the movie ‘Chef’ and it really romanticizes food truck life. But they don’t show when it breaks down. They don’t show when you post up and nobody comes.”

Also this week, Market Report correspondent Laura Avery chatted about sweet potatoes with Jessica Largey, chef and owner of the soon-to-be opened restaurant Simone in the Arts District and Kong Thao of Thao Farms in Fresno. Largey says she is currently prepping a sweet potato dish, with tahini sauce, shishito peppers, tangerines, and mustard greens. Yes, please!