My Favorite Good Food Segments – A Short List

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How do you choose from thousands of interviews?  That was the conundrum for putting together Saturday’s show celebrating my 15th anniversary as the host of Good Food.  Well, it’s hard.  However, technology fail helped in narrowing down the field since getting our old DAT tapes to play became an issue.  There are always the standouts, the interviews you know when you’re in the midst of conversation it will be a gem.  But then the sheer breadth of what we cover becomes an issue.  Deliciousness, science and the curious cook, art, philosophies of eating and cooking, farming, artisanship, history, memoir and politics.  If we simply chose one of each the show would have to be three hours long!  So in the end we picked a few heavy hitters and the best of the arcane (The History of the Toothpick).  But in the process of combing through interview files and show archives so many popped out that we wanted to share.  Keep reading for a sample of what we found…

This show has three great pieces: Christopher Chalyers on Charaben (Bento Box lunches for kids).  The Dinner in the Sky segment and Jonathan Harris – a photographer documenting a Whale Hunt.
This piece on theater with James Yarker  – The importance of people seen through grains of rice.
I have always been partial to Helene Marshall’s very first honey interview.  She talked about one farmer wanting to charge them for having the bees pollinate his oranges.  So they just set up the hives on some public property nearby and the bees flew over the fence.  As if he could keep them out. She giggled as she told it… she was so bubbly and delightful.