My Plea to support Good Food

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Hi there.  So here’s my pitch.  We only exist for you.  If we were a group of food crazed thinkers that just got together a few times a week to read stuff that excited us, to each other, well it might be fun, but it wouldn’t have the meaning that putting together Good Food does.  Each of us (and there’s a troupe) finds our way to an investigation of food and community from a slightly different point of view which is one of the reasons that Good Food comes to the subject with segments that can surprise as well as inform.  We love what we do and we do it for you.  And yes, it costs money.  That troupe I spoke about uses resources that need to be paid for.  And the fact that we can communicate through these crazy efficient social networks is too good to be true.  But that costs money too.  So it’s the time of year to show us some love.  It doesn’t have to be much to be meaningful.  This summer I’m only coming to you one Saturday instead of two.  That means I need to touch twice as many of you in half the time.  So get your finger poised over that keypad to call at 11am on Saturday.  Call 1-800-600-5279. We’ll have lots and lots of goodies to reward you for giving us your support.  If you don’t want to call go to and write Good Food in the comments section so you can come to one of our special dining events.  If you are a fan who is ready to become a member or to renew, now’s the time.  Thank you!