Napkin Folding and Herb Planting

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Fish Napkin

Whenever I travel I always think the trip is a success if I see an easy project to duplicate or think about. I recently went up to Vancouver Island to visit a salmon farm (more about that later). Our group was put up at a lovely log cabin resort called The Lodge at Gold River. One night after a day of float planes, boat taxis, hiking and fishing we gathered in the lodge dining room for dinner. Staring up at us was this adorable napkin folded into the shape of a fish, with the napkin ring as an eye. Every woman remarked on it. No man noticed. That alone got the conversation started. Such a simple thing to do to bring a group of people who don’t know one another together – an adorable napkin fold that was the theme for the day. It showed attention to detail and a sense of humor. We were exhausted and we laughed and clinked our glasses to the fish. What better start to dinner? Take a look at this pinterest page of Napkin Folds and Rings.

Another great idea I saw was this wine box repurposed as an herb planter. The tarragon seemed to be enjoying the first non-wintry week by the river. If you’re curious (as I was) about the winery here’s a link about Oculus. And if you’re now obsessed by herb planting ideas here’s some fodder.

Wine Box Planter