Tomatoes! ‘Ketch’ing up with Munak Ranch at the farmer’s market

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Market correspondent Gillian Ferguson catches up with Victor Gomez of Munak Ranch, who is bringing tomatoes from Paso Robles. With its low acid, Gomez suggests the Celebrity variety for salsa, pomodoro, or slicing for a sandwich or burger. Eat Brandywines raw in a salsa. The Zebra variety offers high acid and spice, while the Pineapple is a perfect draw for children. 

Isabel Carmona is using the Munak Ranch tomatoes at her Venezuelan pop-up VZLA. The concept is a year old and Carmona has created a roasted pork arepa with Pineapple tomatoes and a horseradish aioli. This summer, she is also pairing tomatoes with plums and peaches, adding a cucumber for crunch.



Evan Kleiman