Passover Recipe: Flourless Mexican Chocolate Cookies

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Chocolate CookiesVariations on these intense chocolate no flour cookies pop up all over the internet around Passover, but they deserve some attention all year round as a Gluten Free option.  They are deeply chocolaty and take well to experimentation with additional flavors.  I like to add some of my favorite chocolate friendly flavors like almond, cinnamon and a hint of coffee.  I add coffee flavor in the form of Trablit, a French coffee essence that miraculously has a deep coffee flavor with no bitterness at all.  It’s the professional pastry chef’s secret and well worth the money.  You’ll find yourself putting it everywhere. But I encourage you to experiment with your favorite flavors.  Why use vanilla when you can use a delicious liquor with flavors of orange or blackberry?

Use a silpat on baking sheets or line sheets with parchment paper and lightly grease them.  Otherwise these cookies can take some patience to pry off the paper.  They need to be completely cooled before you touch them.