Pie-a-Day #8 Strawberry Cream Pie

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Another confession, (interesting how this pie thing is so confessional).  Today is the first time I’ve made a cornstarch thickened custard since I was regularly cooking out of the plaid, ring bound cookbook.  Again, I was inspired by James McNair’s Pie Cookbook.  His recipe for Cherry Cream Pie came from his Grandmother Keith in Jackson, Mississippi.
I made that superb Cherry Clafoutis Pie just a couple of days ago and Harry’s Berries from the farmers markets are haunting me, so I decided to make the pie with strawberries instead of cherries.  I’m still not convinced about the cornstarch, in fact I think the 2 tablespoons used to thicken the fruit may have been a typo.  I’m going to try another version of a Strawberry Cream Pie with a different custard recipe.  We did enjoy the filling as a pudding although a little went a long way.  I brought the pie with me to a meeting at the DineLA advisory board today.